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11 March 2019
We are ONLINE ! 800 800 Good Fabric

Launching a new website is always an event and we are no exception to the rule.

So yes, it is a great satisfaction to put our new baby online. A baby grows, moves, evolves. We will try to do the same.

It is a real pride to be able to highlight the work and expertise of our team and partners. It is of course an opportunity to present our customers who are committed to a process of progress.

We work in the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. All the actors we meet are looking for solutions. And we have the solutions to make this industry sustainable and ethical. These solutions are operational now, so why wait?

This is obviously a vital issue for our planet and for future generations.

The challenge is also vital for all brands and brands, which must restore meaning and value.

It is high time to act.

There is no planet B

Welcome to GOOD FABRIC

Nathalie & Louis Marie



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