Textile innovation
by Good Fabric


Let’s invent together the future of the textile industry

For us, the basis of an smart garment is first and foremost to ensure its primary function by respecting the environment and guaranteeing non-toxicity. From this starting point, many innovations are possible to give a second function to clothing in many fields: protection (UV, insects, waves…), care (hydration), health (monitoring, connected clothing…).

The Lab has developed, for the first time in the world,
a 100% certified organic and fair trade microencapsulated garment.

Good Fabric has developed the Marie & Marie collections,
the leading brand of organic cosmetic clothing.

We are constantly working to develop new yarns and new sustainable fabrics. To provide new blends of natural or recycled fibres with the same high standards: quality, traceability, sustainability.

Innovation requires teamwork with all the actors in the value chain to finally achieve the final result: to propose an incredible new material.

Every year, 80 billion garments are produced worldwide. It is urgent to find industrial solutions to recycle and give a second life to clothing. We work with our partners on 3 priorities:

  • Reuse the fiber from a used garment to make a new one
  • Use plastic waste to develop recycled polyester yarn
  • Develop new recycled fabrics.
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