We have left everything behind to become
the pioneers of sustainable fashion in France

Good Fabric - Good Fashion - Good Thinking - Good People

Our vocation is to share our expertise in ethical fashion with all actors in the clothing industry to hasten the shift towards a sustainable industry that respects people.

We are utopians with our feet on the ground. We work every day to make fashion better. Together, we are demonstrating that this utopia has become a reality.

It meets the changing consumer expectations, the need for quality, the need for all stakeholders to earn a decent living and to drastically reduce our impact on the environment.

This is the only possible way and it’s great news!

Our mission is to
provide you with precise answers
to simple questions.

Where is my garment made?
What are its components?
What is the environmental and social impact of this garment?
Do we use chemical inputs?
What are the manufacturing conditions?

We are passionate about what we do

We have small resources but also big dreams and some good ideas. So rather than working alone in our area, we decided to share our know-how and our fields of expertise with all those who wish to do so. Because we can only solve the problem of the textile industry if we act together.



What drives me is eco-design, it’s creativity, it’s listening to our customers’ projects and making them deliverable at the right time, at the right price, and with total traceability!



My inspiration is to meet new producers, explore new territories and make beautiful clothes together… Giving meaning is the basis of my daily commitment.



As an inspired eco-designer, I am driven by what makes sense in today’s challenges of how we consume and dress. Precision and rigour at the source, for a realistic utopia!



I am an optimist convinced that one small seed is enough to trigger great changes. What drives me is my fundamental belief in Man, in positive energy, and in our collective power to make things happen towards a constantly improving future.



Nothing is sustainable that is not fair, in exchange with our partners I shape well-being, in respect for the environment, in the choice of beautiful organic and natural materials, in respect for quality. I believe in committed, sustainable and fair fashion.

We are thousands of people

We are a community of pioneers in ethical fashion in all our supply chains: organic/fair trade cotton farmers in India, nomadic breeders in Mongolia, workers in India, quality managers in Portugal, eco-designers in France…

We are a family with the same dream: to give back its letters of nobility to the fashion world

We are IN THE


GOOD FABRIC is not a Trend Agency. We are not advisors. We are committed entrepreneurs and pioneers in ethical fashion.

Launching a CSR approach becomes critical for any company. It must take into account all stages of the value chain. Being in DOING means that we focus first on the essential, i.e. the product. Second, common sense must be applied to make the right decisions and act.


We are on the spot and we make common sense decisions with our partners to limit our environmental impact (and that of our customers) to ensure that all producers/workers live in good conditions.


We are company and brand builders. We create eco-designed collections like no one has done before. We know how difficult it is to establish a brand on the market, to develop a chain of stores and to sell. We don’t have the knowledge for everything, but we know what we’re talking about.


We consider that most of a company’s social and environmental responsibility is found in the product it manufactures or contracts to manufacture, and not in an annual report.


We prefer to use our time and resources to make a real difference rather than to measure what we are not doing well.


We prefer to spend our time and resources to change things concretely rather than to measure what we are not doing well.

Some figures

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