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8 March 2019
Made in / Made how 648 400 Good Fabric

Everyone talks about the made in. It is important to know where a garment is made.

At Good Fabric, we prefer to focus on the made how. There are good and bad examples everywhere. That’s why we focus first on people and the way they work. Nevertheless, we find it unfortunate that the regulations do not require brands to announce their made in. There are good people everywhere and vice versa.

There are many beautiful examples all over the world. Entrepreneurs, employees, producers who are committed to doing their jobs in a way that respects people and the environment. They all deserve to be brought to light. They deserve your trust.

At Good Fabric, Made How is about providing simple answers to the questions that everyone asks themselves. We are not advocating the perfect model, we are giving ourselves the right to make mistakes, but in the meantime, we are taking action!

Some parts of the world are stigmatized for lack of knowledge, but once again, everything is based on the human being. The made in/made how is not just to know under what conditions a garment is made. Too simple! On the contrary, it is necessary first to understand their culture and adapt to it in order to provide real positive support over the long term and throughout the supply chain.

You just have to move in the field, be curious, humble, realistic, pragmatic and oriented towards people in terms of social compliance.

Reward the transparency of supplier-partners with constructive dialogues and really engage in a collaboration that will certainly not be a long quiet river but that over time brings concrete results and a strengthened relationship.

Good Fabric also works with French factories, passionate people who are fighting to save their know-how. There is much to be done and we are convinced that it is possible to give new life to our textile industries, particularly through the development of recycling and upcycling.

Our role is to unite all these energies to offer you a beautiful garment.

In the end, only the fundamentals will remain: meaning, transparency, recognition, trust, these gaping holes to which we will have to respond.



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