Laine Mérinos Premium

RWS Certification
RWS Certification

the best merino wool in the world with complete traceability of the chains in Patagonia

The supply chain complies with a strict protocol in terms of CSR, animal welfare and land management.


The most authentic and durable merino wool in the world

The sheep live in farms in Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand. Their wool therefore has different characteristics, ideal for different uses.

Merino sheep are renowned for the exceptional quality of their wool, which is soft, resistant and ultrafine. Merino wool fibres, certainly the most famous in the world, are classified according to their fineness. The “fine”, “super fine” and “extra fine” grades (from 14 to 23 microns) are the most sought-after.

Made How

Respect the livestock

RWS, Responsible Wool Standard, certification ensures that sheep are treated in accordance with their five freedoms and guarantees best practices in land management and protection. Certification ensures the traceability and monitoring of farmers and their herds.

Establish more transparent practices for breeders and customers who wish to buy not only a quality sweater but also to know its origin and how it was made.

During shearing, sheep must be handled by farmers in accordance with practices and methods that comply with animal welfare principles.

Biodiversity, soil and water are essential elements of nature that livestock farmers must protect.

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