Sustainable Cashmere


The authentic history of Mongolian nomadic culture and the first sustainable cashmere chain.

GOOD FABRIC is a partner of the Union of Sustainable Kashmir Cooperatives and AVSF,,
first certified sustainable cashmere chain in (outer) Mongolia.


Restoring the glory of an exceptional fibre: the new sustainable luxury

For us, the best cashmere is produced in Mongolia (outer – the real Mongolia) by the nomadic herders involved in the Union of Sustainable Cashmere Cooperatives.

The cashmere fibre harvested each spring is of high quality (which can be less than 15 microns and a fibre length of 36 to 41 mm).

This project was set up in close collaboration with the NGO AVSF, which carries out remarkable support and training work in the field. A rigorous protocol for animal welfare, the environment and ensuring that the entire supply chain meets the highest ecological and social requirements.

Made How

We control the traceability of goat herds to the finished product, 100% made in Mongolia.

Nomadic breeding in a wild, rugged and beautiful natural environment is part of Mongolian ancestral culture. During the winter, these families live isolated with their herds, exposed to temperatures as low as -50 degrees. These breeders live in harmony with their environment and their survival is conditioned by the preservation of their herds.

The adoption of sustainable practices by farmers must be defined and proven. This is why, in consultation with the cooperatives, AVSF has developed a certification model that includes a list of 25 criteria (good practices) to be respected at the individual, collective at the level of pasture user groups and collective at the cooperative level.

The secret of our durable cashmere comes from the quality and cleanliness of the fiber from the combing stage, which limits mechanical and chemical treatments during the dehairing and finishing stages. This way, we obtain the purest, softest and most resistant cashmere yarn naturally.

A sustainable cashmere certification unique in the world.

We control the traceability of the chain from the livestock to the finished product, 100% made in Mongolia.


A long-term partnership

GOOD FABRIC and the Union of Cooperatives have entered into a long-term partnership to promote this exceptional know how in France. Our action is also in line with the desire to preserve the independence and lifestyle of nomadic herders in Mongolia. Thus, exceptional quality means fair remuneration for breeders.



Combing the fiber to leave an isothermal layer (the coarse hairs) on the goats to cope with the still cold temperatures in spring

Ensuring the free life of animals and their well-being

Herd vaccination

Preserve biodiversity and landscapes through sustainable pasture management

Ensure a fair income for farmers

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