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Rare Vegetal Fibers


Innovations in sustainable fabrics: 4 exclusive certified vegetable fibers,
made from lotus blossoms or Himalayan nettle.

Good Fabric explores sustainable alternatives and research into textile innovations, in search of fibers that require few natural resources.


The lotus blossom
of Cambodia

The fabric made from Lotus has unique properties: it is naturally soft, light and breathable.

It does not contain any chemical or toxic substances. In addition, it is spun and woven by hand using ancestral techniques, which are part of UNESCO’s crafts program.


the wild nettle of
the Himalayas

On the highest mountain range in the world, the wild nettle of the Himalayas. The giant nettles of the Himalayas grow between 1800 and 3000 meters above sea level with a growth of 3 meters each year!

Harvesting the stems makes way for new, healthy hardwood shoots the following year to better absorb CO2. This harvest also promotes root growth that helps stabilize the soil in the mountains, areas prone to landslides.

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