Laine durable : Duvet de Yak et Baby Camel


GOOD FABRIC is a partner of the Union of Sustainable Cashmere Cooperatives
and AVSF, the first certified sustainable cashmere chain in outer Mongolia.

120 families are grouped together in the Khangai Mountains Yak Breeders Cooperative,
created with the help of AVSF.


A French,
traceable and quality yarn

Yak and Baby Camel down fiber is spun in one of the last spinning and dyeing factories in France. This is the FONTY spinning mill, created in 1880.

In spring, the Yaks are combed by Mongolian farmers, then, after sorting, just under 100 grams of down per animal per year are harvested and processed into yarn.

Made How

A pure, undyed & untreated yarn

The Union of Cooperatives and AVSF promote the interests of their members to buyers, lead and train livestock groups in sustainable certification to protect nomadic livestock and natural water resources and pastures.

The Khangai Mountain Yak Herders’ Cooperative for the production of combed fibre was established in 2004.

AVSF supports Mongolian nomadic herders to preserve their culture and traditional way of life.

We had a unique experience with the breeders at an altitude of more than 3,300 m.


A life lesson

At Good Fabric we are in the MAKE: we go to meet the breeders in Mongolia. An adventure in total immersion to live with them, to understand and share their way of life, their love of family and animals, their generosity, but also the absence of the troubles of our Western civilization and the awareness of being “privileged” in spite of the daily risks.

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